I am Toby, better known as the Dog Lady of Lansing Prison. In 2004, I started what would become the largest prison dog program in the country. I fell in love – with dogs, making a difference, purpose, and one very special inmate. In 2006, I helped him escape from prison then served 27 months myself.

Determined to heal, I used my time behind bars to assess my life, accept the brokenness, and assert the changes.

The woman who was released from prison was certainly not the broken, lost woman who was handcuffed and arrested that February night more than two years earlier.

I have embraced the role of making a difference to the lives of incarcerated women in the United States.

Toby Dorr
Butterflies Unleashed workbook

Butterflies Unleashed is the manifestation of my mission and purpose to improve the lives of incarcerated women and those rebuilding their lives after a felony conviction.

Toby Dorr in downtown Kansas City
Toby in downtown Kansas City 2019